Bring arctic science to life in your classroom

The Arctic Sea Ice Education package integrates hands-on science lessons for middle and high school classes with traditional knowledge in a northern context that is relevant and exciting for your students.

The Arctic Sea Ice Educational Package

Ice. Animals. People

Experience how sea ice is made by becoming water molecules, learn math through video of eider ducks diving under the sea ice, and discover the seasonality of food by making a food wheel for your community.

The Arctic Sea Ice Educational Package

Traditional Knowledge & Science

Integration of Traditional Knowledge with the Scientific Method helps students learn to solve the problems of tomorrow.

The Arctic Sea Ice Educational Package

Hands-on & Adaptable

Hands-on activites that include adaptations for whatever level your students are at. Experiments use simple materials to illustrate complex concepts.

Linked to your Curriculum

Lessons are matched to provincially approved curriculum to make them immediately applicable to your class. Use our online curriculum search to find lessons that fit your exisiting unit plan.

The Arctic Sea Ice Educational Package

“It is about the land here, and this program leads easily into experiential learning. Keep up the great work!”

- Angela Turner Secondary 2/3 Teacher at Kiluutaq

Interactive & Connected

Our SIKU: Inuit Knowledge Wiki and Social Mapping Platform helps students explore the sea ice like never before. High resolution satellite imagery, panoramic street view imagery, breathtaking underwater video and community-based monitoring data takes learning to the next level.

The Arctic Sea Ice Educational Package

Accessible and Free

Lessons are available for free download online or contact us to inquire about a USB stick packed with immersive photos and videos.

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